Bonding Plus

Your Booster Club works hard all year raising funds, but are you prepared if the unthinkable occurs? What do you do if those hard-earned funds go missing? Booster Clubs often store money in private homes overnight or in the custody of various officers, opening up the possibility to loss by embezzlement, robbery, and theft. Bonding Plus is designed to protect your Booster Club’s money against mishaps such as these. Recovery from a financial loss can take years without Bonding Plus coverage. Don’t let the hard work put in by leadership and volunteers get erased overnight. 

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Bonding Plus is available to Booster Clubs that are associated with a K-12 school.

Bonding Plus provides insurance protection for Booster Clubs against the exposure to financial losses due to employee dishonesty, forgery, alteration, theft, disappearance or destruction. This policy has three coverages, each with a separate, per loss limit with a $250 deductible. An employee is classified as any elected officer, committee chairperson (whether elected or appointed), or any member of the organization acting as a volunteer.

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