General Liability Insurance

Liability Plus is the most popular coverage purchased among Booster Clubs. Whether your group is holding a bake sale, car wash, or walk-a-thon, with Liability Plus, you can worry less and concentrate more on having a successful event.

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Booster Clubs associated with a K-12 school can purchase Liability Plus. General Liability includes coverage for the Booster Club’s officers, directors, members, volunteers, and employees.

RVNA’s Liability Plus provides General Liability Insurance coverage for Booster Club activities. This coverage includes a $1,000,000 Per Occurrence/$2,000,000 Aggregate Limit. There is no deductible, and coverage is included for the following:

Liability Plus Coverages What does this mean?
Advertising Injury Liability Protects against lawsuits arising from libel, slander or copyright infringement in the course of advertising goods, products or services.
Bodily Injury Liability Protects against liability which may arise from the injury or death of another person.
Damage To Rented Premises Liability Damage to real property under your care, custody or control, such as a gymnasium.
Medical Payments Under Liability Plus Provides protection for injured individuals while donating their services at the time of injury for the benefit of the Booster Club.
Named Insured Extended To Include Volunteers When Enjoined With Booster Club Coverage is extended to include any officer, member, director, salaried employees, and volunteers.
Non-Owned Watercraft Liability
(Less Than 26ft in Length)
Watercraft includes boats not owned by the Booster Club.
Personal Injury Liability Protects against liability for third party claims for damages which are other than physical such as libel, slander, false arrest, wrongful eviction, invasion of privacy, etc.
Products Liability Protects against claims arising out of the use, handling, or consumption of a product provided by your Booster Club.
Property Damage Liability Protects against liability for damage to property of another not in the care, custody and control of the Booster Club.
Sexual Misconduct Liability Protects Booster Clubs for sexual misconduct, abuse, and molestation claims.
Supplemental Defense Costs Legal defense costs are in addition to your limit of liability.

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